Wednesday, September 25, 2013

The mystery of the waffle

Whenever you travel there is always that one food you miss terribly. Often, it is something you wouldn't necessarily want all that often but now that you can't have it you want it constantly. 

For me, my food cravings tend to be breakfast items. While I enjoy the odd pancake at home (although, more often than not I like them for dinner instead of breakfast), once I'm on the road I crave them incessantly. The thick doughy goodness of American breakfasts fills my empty ache for home.

So you can imagine my delight when we walked around my neighborhood and I saw at least 10 nearby places advertising waffles with bright neon signs and pictures of delicious kiwi waffles. I filled my head with plans to eat one every day. Every single day until I never wanted a waffle again.

Alas, there is apparently some secret of the waffle I do not understand.

It all started on Monday when I eagerly went into the nearest waffle place (which is quite literally next door) for breakfast.

"ONE WAFFLE PLEASE" I said in my horrible yet functional Turkish.
The man just shook his head. "It is not the time."
My confused expression caused him to offer a long explanation,  but unfortunately I did not understand any of it.
"No waffle?" I tried again.

I went on my way and ordered something else for breakfast. However, I still wanted my waffle and decided on Tuesday to try it again. I went to a new restaurant at a new time, and tried again. I got the same response. Around this time I realized I had never actually seen anyone eating a waffle.

So now it is Wednesday, and I shall try one last time. I will go to a new restaurant at dinner time and see if I have any luck. If not, I hope one of you readers can tell me the secret of the waffle. Because I really do want one!

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