Friday, August 2, 2013

Istanbul Review

Since I'm going to be in Turkey soon, I thought I'd review Istanbul. 

As in the restaurant. 

In Peru.

See, one of my favorite places in Arequipa is Istanbul. Right in the heart of San Francisco street, you'll find a little bit of Middle Eastern flair, with quite a lot of class. 

Istanbul is the place to go for drinks. They do mixed drinks very well - you'll find the pisco and cusquena you normally find. But you'll also find much more exotic flair- which after a few weeks on the road will hit all the right spots. The atmosphere of Istanbul is also great - plush seats, dim lighting, and a centuries old building give it a funky sophisticated vibe.  

 And if you miss the building as you walk by, have no fear...there is an El Turko I and El Turko II on the same street (all run by the same man). The owner (who is indeed Turkish) now has a monopoly on the Peruvian falafel trade apparently.

If you want actual Middle Eastern food, I suggest you go to El Turko I or II. All your standard kebabs and falafel plates are there. This is especially a good thing for vegetarians, who will be excited for a meat substitute that's not a potato.  Keep in mind El Turko 1 is more of a fast food atmosphere - it won't have the luxury of Istanbul. But hey, falafel is falafel. 


  1. Must check this out on my next trip to Peru!

  2. Hope you do - it's a great way to relax after a big day of sightseeing.