Saturday, August 10, 2013

Hotel Aleman Review

There is nothing better than having that special place in a foreign country - the place you've actually gone to more than two times, can relax in, and know exactly how to get there.

In Peru, that place for me is Hotel Aleman.

Right in the heart of Miraflores, Hotel Alemania has always been a place of happy refuge. Large, clean rooms with warm beds. Hot shower water. A breakfast buffet with delicious granola. These are things you may not appreciate as much when you are fresh off the plane, but after you spend a couple months in the countryside, you will lose your mind in happiness over granola.

It's also in a very safe area;  I have felt very comfortable walking around, even at night. There is a door guard who buzzes everyone in. And they have their own shuttle that you can rent to drive you to the airport for a good price. If you are too cheap to rent the hotel own bus, the hotel is still very caring and insists on finding you safe taxis ( during one trip I'm pretty sure the hotel guy threatened the taxi guy on what would happen if I weren't to come back safe).

As for the surrounding area, a giant supermarket is right across the street so you can grab some cheap and easy food. You are also just a quick walk from Kennedy Park with all of its great restaurants and shopping.

Overall - I love this place. I have slept in more expensive hotels in Lima, and cheaper. But this one really holds a special charm for me. So check them out if you are in the area!

Av. Arequipa 4704 - Miraflores, Lima - PerĂº

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