Sunday, July 28, 2013

Nearing the 30,000 readers mark!

Wow - it blows my mind how many people take time out of their day to read some of my stories. Obviously I think I'm awesome and entertaining, but its nice to know so many people agree. Or maybe you all get off on pain, and are reading out of misery? Either way, works for me.

But joking aside, thanks so much for keeping me company - the emails, comments and tweets make my day. And who are all you lovely people? It's been a long time since I've done this, so let's start with the top contributors by country:

1 United States 
3.United Kingdom
8.South Korea

Very few big surprises here. Except maybe Russia -- I've never been there and the only Russian word I know is "pencil." But that can change, friends. 

Countries with small but regular readers:

1. Pakistan
2. Afghanistan
3. Malaysia (you only recently dropped off the top 10 list!)
4. Azerbaijan 
5. Iran

Not to be creepy - but I'm always excited by the regular readers from relatively unusual countries. I wish I could high five you through cyberspace. 

Anyway, thank you all! Lots of big stories and updates will be coming out soon - especially now that we are about to leave on the big trip to Istanbul. Please keep sticking around - putting things on twitter, google+,Facebook, etc. I promise I'll actually update more often. PROMISE. 

Sunday, July 7, 2013

Things to do in Turkey!

Hi all!

So I am making a list of fun, unusual things to do in Turkey. Things that aren't on the normal top 5 lists.

Remember: I'll have 9 months there, so I need quite a long list. Let me know your ideas in the comments!

Thursday, July 4, 2013

The Next Adventure

It is time to make a formal announcement. 

The past couple years has seen little travel from me. This time of rest and contemplation was much needed, and truly appreciated. However, the opportunity to pack our bags and take a truly amazing trip has been presented. And who am I to say no to a little adventure?

So adventure on we will! To Istanbul, Turkey. The 9 month trip will be based out of beautiful Istanbul, with side excursions to other countries.

So while there has been a dearth of posts this past year or two, expect to soon be overwhelmed by pictures, stories, and reviews. The dream of every country is back on track.