Saturday, June 22, 2013

The Dragon Shoes

I decided to go old school for this post. Old, old school.

My sophomore year of high school I was given the awesome opportunity to go to England for summer school (program link here!). As an angsty, emo teenager is was a wonderful opportunity to go be emo somewhere else than my bedroom.

And while joking, this is sadly a little true. Being young and traveling is a double edged sword in many ways. You get to experience so many wonderful things, and it helps light a lifelong desire to travel and learn. However, your little brain is not quite developed enough to fully take in the enormity of what you experience, or to take full advantage of all that you see around you. So you can end up doing rather silly things like eating muffins in your room and calling your boyfriend instead of going to the disco. But even though I shake my head at some of my youthful choices, I still look back on that trip as a truly wonderful experience. Mostly because I bought The Dragon Shoes.

See, I was never much interested in fashion as a teenager. I rarely, if ever, had spur of the moment clothing purchases. I did not feel that I "needed" that new dress, or hat, or whatever. Until I saw those shoes.  They were lovely and perfect. They were baby pink with dark pink dragons on them. Hot pink, thick laces decorated the front. I didn't even LIKE pink. But I needed them like I've never needed anything before.

Sadly they were so, so much money. I had limited funds, and no debit card. And was way too proud to call home and ask for more money so I could buy shoes (and my mother would have rightfully told me hell no). So I waited, pining after these shoes. I waited weeks, often visiting the shoe store to make sure they were still there.

Finally, I could take it no more. They were selling out and I had to get them! So I took all of the money I had left and bought those shoes. Which would have been fine except I had 3 days left before I went home. Luckily, my love of the shoes nourished me instead of food. Ok, actually some of other people in the program heard about my poor choices and helped feed me so I didn't die.

No regrets. I still think these are fabulous! 

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