Tuesday, November 20, 2012


I've been asking around the internet for more bear statues. I've gotten some great responses, and I have added some new places to my list:

1. California - is basically a goldmine for bear statues. I have UCLA, King's Beach and Monterrey for sure having them .

2. Canada! Also a goldmine - Jasper, Banff, Slave Lake (Alberta) and Kingston all have options.

3. Yellowstone Park. 

4. Australia: Melbourne Australia has a city wide art exhibit of bear sculptures. So does Dadswell Bridge, Victoria (it is a Koala statue, but I completely count those).

5. Spain: There is one in Madrid in the Plaza del Sol. It is called "El oso y madroƱo" (the bear and oak tree).

6. Berlin : apparently has a ton of statues due to the Buddy Bear project. And even though I've been to Germany many times, I haven't spent more than a few hours in Berlin....so guess I'll need to go back!

7. Kobe Japan has one! Although I have been told it is small...hmmm

8. New Bern, North Carolina. A fellow redditor was nice enough to send me some pics of his favorites! 

9. Zelenograd, Russia. Again, an awesome person gave me an exact google map. Thank you so much! 

10. Laugarvegur, Reykjavik Iceland: which was going to me high o the list of future places. How convenient! 

11. Luang Prabang, Laos. Lemonymars says, "there is a waterfall/bear zoo near the city. About 6 bear statues in a row".  6 in a row? BRB booking flights. 

12. The Paddington Bear statue in Paddington Station, London. I LOVE Paddington Bear...this might be my grand finale. 

Thanks again and please send me more suggestions, especially from countries not yet on the list!


  1. There's also a two-for-one bear statue in Oslo, apparently: http://www.flickr.com/photos/jossianto/6965492428/

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  3. Bern, Switzerland, the Mutterstadt of New Bern, NC