Saturday, May 7, 2011

The secret to eternal life

While we do work a lot, we dont work all the time.

Sometimes, we sleep and eat.

Just kidding - we actually do a lot of fun things. Like last weekend my roomie and I had a girls night out where we went dancing with two ladies we know. We first went to a bar, where we had what were possibly the strongest drinks I have ever had-EVER. As we were sitting there enjoying our pisco and  caipirinha, the women asked us how old they thought they were. We threw out 40 for one , and 50 for the other.  Turns out the first woman was 50, the other was.....70.


She looked incredible, had perfecft makeup, was fit, dressed up, and drinking pisco sours like a champ. Such a champ that she easily out drank me at the bar. What is her secret, we wondered. Also, will she be able to keep up with us??

About to find out. we  next hit up a local nightclub and began having a three hour marathon of dancing to some reggaton, salsa, of course, lots of Shakira. Now Peruvians do it right when they go out. The club doesnt even start to  fill up until midnight, and  we didnt see some of our friends arrive until 130 in the morning. And then they just keep on going until 5 or 7 in the morning.

Sadly I am not built to withstand such antics, and by 2 am I was having a lot of problems standing. But I thought that I had at least out danced the 70 year old. I sank onto a couch in the VIP area, feeling secure in my party abilities.

As soon as I sat, the  70 year old slams down a  last rum and coke and starts doing a highlands dance that looks a lot like the macarina. She is even  JUMPING.  I cant even move. 

She outdanced AND outdrank me. Dammit

We then asked her the secret to her youth fulness. She told us that she had never married, had never had kids, and still drank, smoked and danced as much as she wanted.

Now that I know this brilliant plan, I plan on living forever.                          

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  1. Brilliant...I'm adding this one to the list.