Saturday, May 21, 2011

The Honey Man

So I´ve been having a craving for honey lately. 

Mostly because I finally found peanut butter in a store here. Peanut butter is usually the holy grail of food items I miss while in Peru, and I´ve been known to scrounge around and beg it off of the people smart enough to bring it down with them. Notice how I am never the one smart enough to bring it down with me.

Anyway, Moquegua is magical and actually sells peanut butter!! And they have yummy tiny bananas, so I was so,so close to a perfect peanut butter and banana sandwich....wih honey.

Now, my roomie told me of a honey  man who walks the market on the weekends. The market is a teeming mass of sensory overload. It is loud, chaotic, and the place where you can find anything and everything you want. Need oreos? Need 5 kilos of tomatoes? Need a booth that sells both male enhancement drugs and plungers? They have it. So obviously, they have honey too.

But the honey man is different - instead of having a nice stationary stall, he is ambulatory. He wanders around trying to find customers, and only on the weekend, and only at the special weekend market.  So finding him is actually something akin to quantum mechanics...what are the chances that you will both be in the same place at the same time for long enough to exchange money for honey goodness?

I had been trying for about 2 weeks, and failing. No honey, no delicious honey banana sandwich. I had pretty much given up on that dream. And then one Friday night we decided to go to the regular market in order to buy DVDs.

We are happily standing there, trying to find a blackmarket romantic comedy with which to pass the time. Suddenly, right behind us, I hear someone say....HONEY!

We turn around and there is a tiny old man, with a black duffle bag. He looks at us, open the bag, and inside is one single jar of honey. A huge jar. Like, a gallon of honey.

Us: I dunno if we can really use that much...
Him: You can put it on bread, in tea...
Us: I dont thin-

So, we finally give in and buy the gigantic jar of honey. Because it was fate, right? Somehow, in some crazy magical way, the universe lined up perfectly and the honey man found us in the middle of the market and gave us his one jar of honey.

Life is gooooooood.


  1. Are we going to learn what exactly you did with a gallon of honey? Did you make the much desired peanut butter honey banana sandwich? I'm in such suspense here!

  2. Oh, have I made banana peanut butter honey goodness! I have also put honey in tea, and on crackers and on cakes and on fresh mangos...lets just say that we have managed to eat like 4/5ths of that thing, and with 2 days left I think we can knock back the rest.

    In other news, I think I have gained 5 pounds and two cavities. Related? Perhaps.