Wednesday, March 16, 2011


I was born in West Germany on a Wednesday. 

By the next Monday I was being shuffled south to Italy.

It really shouldn't surprise anyone that I developed the heart of a vagabond during these formative years. My wanderlust, cultivated early, is deeply embedded, and this trait that has served me relatively well.

However, I recently had what I would call 'a moment.' 

I found myself sitting in the airport after landing in 6 states in less than 2 weeks, eating my 3rd helping of shitty airport food in as many days. Same uncomfortable chairs, obnoxious announcements and crappy lighting, but a different city.

I looked around and suddenly realized I was so incredibly tired. 

It wasn't just the current trip that weighed on me; it was months and months of impermanence (granted, impermanence caused by my insistence on running away from things). Somehow, in all this fleeing, a new desire had crept up on me; I wanted somewhere to return to again - somewhere that mattered.

So, in the middle of the Chicago airport I thought deeply about my life.  After those intense 5 minutes of pondering my existence, the decision I had thought would be difficult --the decision I had dithered over for weeks -- turned out to be entirely simple. The right grad school was picked, a better pizza was bought, and a happier me started the final flights home.

Don't worry though - while ending my hobo days is awesome, I will be traveling again soon.... it looks like I leave for Peru in 24 days. :)


  1. Airport food is terrible...and it always decides it wants to punish me right before the plane takes off!

    And are you getting dual-citizenship in Peru yet? At this rate, you'll be a resident in no time!

  2. It is pretty terrible. Except the deep dish pizza I got in Chicago...that was the pizza of the gods.

    I do have this not-so-secret plot where I want to build a house with my fellow archaeologists in Peru, so we can all live and work there together. We will also raise bunnies and llamas. I have recruited several people...the rest will be swayed in time ;).