Thursday, January 6, 2011

A moment of wonder

Traveling exposes you to a lot of situations. Sometimes you find yourself facing a scene of inspiring beauty, or entering into a moment that both humbles you and makes you uncomfortable with your daily complacency.

But sometimes you come across a situation so bizarre that your brain melts.

I'd like to thank the Nashville International Airport for the following pictures, which I took in the baggage claim area after getting off a very long flight from Frankfurt, Germany (2008). I was jet-lagged, grumpy, hungry, and entirely unprepared for what I saw.

Ready Yourself.

First off - I'm glad they pointed out that it was a humane bird-trapping. It probably would have scared the children if they had posted a blood-splattered note with the words "INHUMANE BIRD KILLING SPREE OCCURRING RIGHT HERE" scrawled across it.

And I'm VERY glad they got the ok with the airport authority, because nothing says bad security like unapproved bird cages left willy-nilly in the baggage area. (On a side tangent, is David Howard the airport authority? Or did he leave this note, and that's his signature? Maybe both?)

But I think what makes me the gladdest kid in the world is the fact that they placed the cage in which to catch the bird(s) right next to the drinking fountain. Bird shit in my water - excellent.

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