Wednesday, January 12, 2011

The Bears *updated*

With rising affluence and technological advances comes a rather unique era in human activity. We can undertake actions for pleasure and because we want to do them.

Cooking is no longer the mind-numbing activity that takes the majority of your day just to keep your family of 13 kicking. You can now experiment with spices (cardamom!), or cook a butternut squash macaroni and cheese dinner because you think it would be an exciting change.

You no longer have to track animals through mud in order to bring offerings of meat to your family and local dieties. You can track animals through the mud because that sort of thing gives you a thrill and reminds you that you are more than Dave-who-works-in-accounting: you are DAVE, the Man with the Fire Stick.

And you no longer need to spend all night patching the knees of pants so your children can be warmer when they go into the fields to work. You can now take fabric -- that was made by women in South America who stayed up all night working in the hopes of getting money so their kids wouldn't have to work in fields -- and make your own yoga pants (how zen of you!).

Yes, we as a people live in peculiar, free-time filled era indeed : it is the Age of the Hobby.

And me? How do I spend my free time? Traveling the world tracking down giant bear figurines to fondle.

Stratford-Upon-Avon, England

Bath, England

Bath or Cambridge, England

Bath or Cambridge, England

London, England

Gatlinburg, Tennessee, USA (yes, I am licking him)

Gatlinburg, Tennessee, USA

Near Williams, Arizona, USA. I look so sad because that giant bear statue was too high up for me to fondle. :( (Photo: Ryan Abella)

*update* Cambridge, England.

*Update* Kingman,Arizona, USA.
This is my "don't pay attention to me creepily taking pictures of myself with your giant bear" face.

*update* Kingman, Arizona, USA.
I couldn't fondle him directly because he was behind glass. I did what I could.


  1. You have such beautiful hands. They are perfect.

  2. Well thank you, Anonymous. I blush.

  3. it an attempt to track down a bear that left on an adventure many years ago? D

  4. The bear named Bear? :( Who shall always, always be missed.

  5. We need to find a bear in New Haven for you to fondle ... then maybe you will come visit!!

  6. Hey, Anonymous #1 -

    You are not Arianne. Now I am puzzled. Have we met? Have you held my hand? Do you wish to?