Friday, December 31, 2010


I was going to do Switzerland next. But Switzerland is a lot like Austria, which is a lot like Germany. I think we need a break from the Strudel crowd.

So let's do Perú!

Why? Because while it is freezing here in the States, it happens to be summer in South America.

Not that I ever experience summer. My year currently is 70% cold-ass winter, with a little bit of tepid spring and chilly fall stapled on for good measure. I am in the US during our winter, barely make it through the spring and then just as the temperatures start to peak I head down to Peru to enjoy some more winter. And for someone who ceases to function like a normal person when temps drop below 70F, this lifestyle turns the weather into a perpetual torture device.

Oddly, I find the whole thing worth it.

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