Monday, December 27, 2010

Best o' Germany

1. Best palace: Linderhof

2. Best Palace grounds: Schwetzingen Castle grounds

3. Best asparagus festival: Schwetzingen

4. Best spectacular mountain views: Garmisch-Partenkirchen

5. Best bizzarre ice cream item: Spaghettieis

6. Best tourist place you'll be glad you went to: Hofbräuhaus am Platzl, Munich

7. Best museum to not eat lunch before: The Criminal Museum, Rothenburg (has such a lovely collection of torture devices)

8. Best pastries to eat far too much of: Bienenstich,
Apfelkuchen, Erdbeer tartelette

9. Best pastry that looks delicious but you will regret: Marzipan anything

10. Best trivia for awkward party situations : The "did you know you have to pay for ketchup in a German McDonald's?" line
(May also work as a pick up line. To be tested).

11. Best music to listen to while very drunk on German beer: Blümchen. Don't lie, you've loudly sung "Heut' ist mein Tag" while stumbling around. Who cares if its over a decade old? Certainly not that nice old man in lederhosen you are lovingly serenading!

12. Best tacky souvenir to bring back: "Oh look, a large mug with ugly pictures on it. Because I love you."

13. Best souvenir that will actually be appreciated: The awesome Christmas carousels

14. Best overpriced gift for your child that you won't actually let him play with because you had to sell your liver to purchase it: Steiff. The one and only. I actually can't hate on Steiff; if I had my choice, I'd buy everything they ever produced.

15. Best place to make a Star Wars joke: The Philosopher's Walk, Heidelberg. Yea, I know its spelled wrong - nerd.

16. Best place for Aly to head to next, because she never seems to make it: The North Sea islands.

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